Mt Rushmore of Sports

Everybody tries to come up with the best players from each franchise, city, state, sport, league, etc. Who best embodies that team? Whose name is forever entwined with that franchise forever? Some are obvious: Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics, Joe Montana and the San Francisco 49ers, I could go on. So I had the (probably crazy) idea to try to come up with the top 4 players from each professional sports franchise. I realize this is entirely subjective and for some it will be harder than others. Some franchises would be able to fill up 3 or 4 Mt. Rushmores, others may not have 4 obvious players, but those are the parameters set: Four players from each of the Big 4 professional sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL). I will release these every few days, one division at a time. And defunct teams will be counted as part of their current franchise (e.g. Montreal Expos=Washington Nationals). I encourage debate and feedback, but keep it civil please! Hope you enjoy reading as much as I am enjoying compiling. Thanks